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PHP Learning Curve

I'll admit, I occasionally I run into problems where I'm still just not "smart enough" at PHP yet to build site content quickly. I still don't have intimate knowledge of all of the PHP date formatting options, for example. Thus, doing stuff like sorting content by date is still . . . an exercise in Stackoverflow-ing and reading the PHP manual. This is a random blog thought, I realize. But it's… View More

Progress (Forgive the Dust)

I'm still working on this. It's taken a bit longer than I expected, as I'm having to absorb some new content management components. Things are still on track,… View More

Getting Started

So last fall, felonius.com was the victim of a MODX CMS vulnerability that, to the makers of MODX's credit, they patched as soon as they found it. However, since I hadn't done a thing with the site in, crap, who knows how long, and hadn't bothered to log in to the site back end even once in that time . . . the site got blitzed.  But, it's time to get this going. For real.  For real for real.  I've been… View More